KittyFoot Terms and Conditions
Deposit of tokens: Provides the ability for users who wish to join the project to purchase project packages by depositing Tether (USDT) tokens using the BSC, ETH, and TRON networks.
KittyFoot service provides the functions of an MLM marketing platform, an online store using it, a token deposit/withdrawal system, and a token SWAP POOL.
he KittyFoot project must conduct legal business as determined by each country, and if illegal elements are discovered, the KittyFoot platform may request correction from the project owner or suspend the project. Additionally, if the project's business content is legal only in some countries, the KittyFoot platform can prevent users from countries where the business is illegal from accessing the project through IP check.
When a user joins the KittyFoot MLM project or purchases an additional package, USDT equal to the package price will be added to the MLM project swap pool.
The unique token of the KittyFoot MLM project is created when staking tokens are paid to users, allowance tokens are paid, etc.
Each MLM project’s unique token can be used in stores within the project. Products in stores within the project can be displayed at prices based on USDT or project tokens. The project owner can set the mandatory store use ratio within the project from the tokens paid to users.
Unique tokens issued by the project can be withdrawn in USDT at any time, excluding the store's mandatory usage ratio. However, at this time, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is 50 USDT.
The unique tokens provided by the project can be swapped in the form of KFT tokens at any time, excluding the store's mandatory usage ratio. KFT token is KittyFoot's main token, the price is variable, and the swap rate is determined by the project's unique token and the current price of KFT token. In the case of SWAP with KFT tokens, there is no limit to the minimum SWAP amount. KFT tokens can be converted into tokens for each individual project, and USDT is paid to the pool of the project in proportion to the amount of tokens swapped.
Project owners can airdrop USDT to the project’s SWAP POOL to increase or preserve the token price of the project. In this case, the airdropped USDT cannot be re-withdrawn by the project owner.
The price of each MLM project's unique token is calculated based on the number of project tokens and USDT paid out in the project.
In the following cases, a risk warning is automatically displayed on the project description page.
· When the mandatory purchase rate of package products is set to 90% or more
· If unlimited staking method is used in the staking setting in the package setting
· In other cases where it is determined that the project plan is not followed for a long period of time (project planning is monitored by KittyFoot)
· If illegal elements are discovered
KittyFoot MLM project owners receive 8% of the commission and staking token payments received by all users as profit. Received tokens can be withdrawn from the pool to USDT at any time.
The KittyFoot platform receives 1% of the allowances and staking token payments received by users of each project as profit. In addition, local distributors in countries where the project is registered also receive 1% of the allowances and staking token payments received by users of the project in that region as profit.
MLM projects cannot be arbitrarily disposed of by the operator. Additionally, the USDT project tokens stored in the pool will remain in the pool until the entire amount paid out to members who have joined the project is withdrawn in the name of allowances, staking, etc. .
The project setup fee is a service that is automatically set up after payment is completed, and is not refundable after setup, regardless of whether the project is running or not.